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Traditional mattresses are a thing of the past – too expensive, attainable only through painful encounters with pushy salespeople peddling crazy mark-ups, crammed full of unnecessary materials and squeaking with old science. It’s almost no wonder that Australians spend more time staring at screens than we do sleeping, that only 6 per cent of us are getting the amount of sleep we need to feel good, and that The Sleep Health Foundation warns we’re in the midst of a sleep deprivation epidemic.

Looking at all these factors we thought, ‘what can we do about this?’ From there, we engineered what we believe to be the perfect mattress no matter the type of sleeper, climate or sleeping habits. 

The idea of Eva blossomed but still we thought ‘there’s more to do’, and One For Ten: Kindness with Your Eyes Closed was born. Our charitable donation program sees one brand new Eva mattress donated to a reputable Australian charity for every ten mattresses sold. With quality sleep being key to health and happiness, and in order to contribute meaningfully to the country’s health and wellbeing, we’ve made it our mission to deliver as many hours of sound sleep to as many people as possible.




With our team of sleep specialists, we closely examined sleep habits and patterns to understand exactly what a mattress needs and doesn’t need to be the best mattress on the market. 


Our sleep-obsessed specialists identified what materials were needed to create the mattress we dreamed of: cooling memory foam, 100% Dunlop latex, micro-springs, high-density support foam, and five zone pocket springs.


Micro-springs are our secret weapon (shhh!). Using this patented technology – 1886 patented micro-springs individually wrapped in ventilated fabric – we created a level of comfort and support that is truly unrivalled.


We searched far and wide for a manufacturing partner befitting Eva’s exacting standards; a partner who understood our design vision, and who celebrates the same values of hard work, high quality, and superior craftsmanship as Eva does.


We vacuum-pack Eva and compress the mattress into a box that’s easy to ship, carry and unpack to ensure an effortless journey no matter where Eva is headed.


Finally, Eva was born. An innovative hybrid mattress made from springs and foam.  Ready for shipment across Australia, whereby, greeting Eva on your doorstep doesn’t cost a cent! 

A luxury mattress at a third of the price

We design and manufacture our own mattresses cutting out the middlemen and all the unnecessary markups bringing you a luxury mattress at a third of the price.

Better sleep starts tonight