We’re Eva and we’re pretty simple. The way furniture is bought — absurd mark-ups, painful encounters with salespeople, surprise delivery fees — all seemed outdated to us and we wanted to make this better.

Pretty simple living.

Pretty simple isn’t just about removing unnecessary details. It is more of a feeling. It means something that’s beautiful and useful at the same time — that works so perfectly you almost don’t notice it’s there. And in a world where your toaster can predict the weather, where design is getting more and more cluttered, ‘pretty simple’ actually matters.

Make space for everyday.

That’s what Eva makes: things for a pretty simple life. Those everyday, wonderful, marmalade-y sort of moments. First kisses and breakfasts in bed. Hot coffee and the (frankly unsolvable) Sunday crossword. Late-night movies under the covers. It’s a brand for living in — not just for looking at.

Fits into every part of your life.

Akin to a puzzle where all of the pieces fit together seamlessly, Eva furniture fits into every part of your life, your home. Like a white sneaker, it’s the beautiful essential that goes with everything you already own. It’s pretty simple.

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